It isn't everyday that we get asked to re-create one of the most recognizable advertising icons in the world, so when Collossal Pictures approached us on behalf of the Leo Burnett Advertising Agency out of Chicago to do just that we jumped at the chance.  This was a series of 52 total spots and DeCarlo Studio did all the puppet, prop and set work for the series.  We had to re-size the original Dough-Boy by a 10% increase all over in order to give him the increased athletic abilities he would need for our work.  Above you'll see the re-sized figure created in conjunction with the Burnett Art Director at the time.  On the right is a typical "Dough-Boy kit" we would provide to the animator for their shot that day, along with the appropriate prop(s), in this case it was a harmonica.  To the left is a very elaborate cuckoo clock that opens via a split face that reveals the Dough-Boy who is spring loaded from inside the clock.